"How long will shipping take? What does it cost?"

For US customers, shipping takes only a couple of days.

Check if you qualify for free US shipping today by looking at the header of this page. If you do, we'll pay it for you.

 "How long will one bottle last me?"

60 pills will last 1 month as you take 1 in AM and 1 in PM. We suggest ordering more bottles. You'll save money AND get better results*.
*Customers who ordered 3 bottles or more got 32% more results on average (based on a customer survey).


 "What are the bonuses?"

The bonuses are: our exclusive, matching meal plan and our entire video course for FREE. Those are valued at 97 dollars together. Now that's an irresistible deal!

 "Are there any known, negative side effects?"

No, we use the world's finest BHB salts. No negative side effects have been shown in studies.

 "What are the benefits again?"

✅ Enter ketosis up to 7X faster (yes, REALLY).
✅ Get a sharper mind (more focus, drive & energy).
✅ Speed up your keto weight loss journey.

 "What are the payment options?"

You can pay with your credit or debit card through our trusted security & payment system Stripe. It's the same one used by Amazon. You can also use PayPal.

 "What if I don't like it, or it doesn't work for me?"

You'll get your money back. Just send us a short email (within 60 days or purchase), and we'll refund you fully & promply. No questions asked.

P.S. We're running low on our current batch of pills. Why? Well, due to extremely high demand. We've been blowing up on social media lately.

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